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KV Rollers is a leader in the development of unique rubber compounds.

Polymer Compounding

Our advanced polymer compounds are designed and manufactured by our expert on-site team under strict quality controls.

Whether creating a tailored compound to suit your specific requirement, or optimising or matching an existing compound to improve performance, and we are happy to work with you to ensure the finished compound does precisely what you want it to do.

KV Rollers is a leader in the development of unique rubber compounds meeting the needs of individual customers whilst adhering to a wide range of international standards. These include BS, DIN, ASTM, BGA, FDA and 3A.

Our rubber compounding plant introduces between one and five new materials every month, expanding our existing library of over 400 proprietary rubber compounds.

We are more than happy to collaborate with customers to develop new materials matching today's demanding requirements.

Consequently we are already providing solutions for highly specialised markets where quality controlled, high performance, consistent and repeatable results are essential.

Exacting quality control ensures each compound performs consistently within its design parameters. In support of this, we are proud of our ISO9001:2008 certification.

Chemical / Solvent Resistance
Acids Chlorinate Alcohols
Caustics Hydrocarbons Water
Aliphatic Hydrocarbons Esters Glycols
Physical Properties
Hardness range - IRHD Cut resistance Resistance to abrasion
Tensile strength Resistance to compression set Ozone resistance
Modulus Resistance to permanent set Hydrolytic stability
Elongation at break Resilience  
Tear strength Resistance to heat build-up  

We work with an extensive range of polymers to produce more than 400 highly specialised, proprietary rubber compounds in either liquid or slab form for calendering, compression moulding and casting applications. These include:

  • > Nitrile (NBR) and Nitrile/PVC (NBR/PVC) - Used mainly for printing applications and available with a range of attributes from hydrophilic to FDA 177.2600 compliant. Excellent mechanical durability for mechanical handling. It delivers a broad range of mechanical and chemical characteristics.
  • > EPDM - Used for printing and plate processing with good UV and temperature resistance, laser engravable and available in electrically conductive and antistatic grades.
  • > CR (Neoprene™) - Excellent mechanical durability and used mainly for mechanical handling.
  • > CSM (Hypalon™) - Used within the steel industry for mechanical handling with excellent high temperature performance and acid and alkali resistance along with good mechanical durability.
  • > XNBR - Laser engravable, with excellent mechanical durability for mechanical handling.
  • > HNBR - Delivers a broad range of mechanical and chemical characteristics plus high temperature resistance.
  • > NR (Natural Rubber) - Excellent mechanical durability for mechanical handling with a range of applications including offshore pipe and cable laying tensioner pads.
  • > Silicone (Q) - High temperature resistance combined with low coefficient of friction and excellent release plus available in thermally conductive and antistatic grades.
  • > PU (Polyurethane) - Available in a range of hardnesses with excellent mechanical durability for mechanical handling and metal decorating and can be cast into complex profiles.

Hypalon and Neoprene are the registered trade marks of Dupont

Polymer Innovation

Find out about one of our many polymer innovations, Kalexite.