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KV Rollers - specialists in urethane casting in
low and high volumes and for one-off prototypes.

Urethane Casting

Castable urethanes are finding new applications across a range of industries because of their long life, low tooling cost and low-noise properties.

With in-house tool design and fabrication we are able to create rapid-turnaround, precision urethane components designed to your unique specifications.

Our fully automated urethane casting process uses the most advanced polymers, which are cast under meticulously controlled heat and pressure conditions to create a uniform, void free result across a range of products:

Roller coverings Crane and forklift wheels Nozzles Seals and rings
Dunnage Pads Bushes  

We can produce cast urethane components in low and high volumes and for one-off prototypes, and by using high performance resins, additives and curatives we can cast components in almost any hardness and in virtually any form.

Our tooling and casting process ensures a high degree of accuracy and when required, high levels of surface detail.