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KV Rollers strives to develop new products and roller technologies
to satisfy the needs our customers and their industries.

Research & Development

Our primary focus at KV Rollers is to provide optimum solutions for our customers, and research and development is the engine that drives this.

Through ongoing analysis and rigorous testing, our industry-leading engineers and technologists are constantly striving to develop and bring to market new products and new roller technologies, based on the needs of our customers and their industries.

We like finding solutions, be it developing polymers which reduce the potential for sparking and ignition, developing rollers and coverings to handle new substrates or higher line speeds, or creating entirely new products for new food processing lines.

Every month sees between one and five new materials brought to production via our polymer development laboratory, adding to our existing portfolio of over 400 proprietary rubber compounds.

Working with equipment calibrated to established standards, in order to precisely quantify the composition and physical properties of our compounds, our underlying drive is to produce better performing rubber compounds so your rollers perform better and last longer.