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With a comprehensive range of services
KV Rollers caters for all your roller needs under one roof.


Roller Regrinding and Recovering

As well as being your first port of call for new products, we also offer those vital maintenance services you need to keep your operations running smoothly. Our roller recovering and regrinding service is swift and professional - with our own transport fleet; we can offer collection, regrinding, rebalancing and the return of your roller, with a rapid turnaround.

Thanks to our extensive library of polymer compounds we are able to recover rollers with precisely matched materials and all servicing work is carried out under the strictest quality control.

Roller Grooving

With large capacity, fully computerised, specialist roller grooving equipment we are able to produce a wide range of fully customisable groove patterns. We also offer the ability to groove cambered profiles, a highly sought after feature unique to our specialist equipment, and uniquely, super spreader rolls.

Diamond Chevron
Spreader Double saw edge groove
Radial Half circle groove
Linear Square groove

Liquorice Rollers

A recent addition to our comprehensive product portfolio. K.V.Rollers Ltd are probably the only UK based roller company with the advanced technological capability required to refurbish your Liquorice Rollers.

RILSAN® Mark and Logo exclusively belong to Arkema.

Roller Balancing

Poorly balanced rollers not only damage equipment components, reducing the lifespan of your equipment, but also invariably lead to print quality issues, tearing, stretching and high levels of wastage.

Our fully automated, computer controlled roller balancing equipment provides a two-plane dynamic and static balancing service, which enables us to measure roller performance at designated speeds and ensure optimum roller performance.

Engineering Roller Repair

We understand regular and expert maintenance is a key safety and efficiency concern and we offer the full spectrum of roller repair, maintenance and upkeep services, including journal repair and replacement, regrinding and re-plating and general roller refurbishment.

We have a number of journal repair methods at our disposal and our onsite engineers can diagnose the most effective for your machinery, whether it is welding, sleeving, keyway refurbishment, threading or electro-chemical metalising.

Whatever repairs you need, our top priority is keeping your production downtime to a minimum.

Polymer Compound Design

In addition to our extensive range of industry tested proprietary compounds we have the polymer design expertise to develop from new, a perfectly tailored rubber compound to meet your specific requirements.

Engineering Design

Our engineering design team work on state-of-the-art, advanced SolidWorks integrated 3D CAD/CAM/CNC systems and are adept at designing or reverse engineering a range of products, from rollers and moulding tools, to gears and one-off prototypes.