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KV Rollers specialises in the manufacture and supply of a
range of technical and compression rubber mouldings.

Technical Mouldings

We have established a reputation for our high quality innovative manufacture of precision moulded rubber parts for a diverse spread of applications.

We guard our reputation for quality and reliability which comes from our meticulous attention to detail at each stage of the manufacturing process.

As well as being market leaders in the world of rollers, our engineering team bring their experience and skills to bear on a wide range of associated products and components.

Being specialists in devising tailor-made polymers and compounds means we are uniquely placed to manufacture and supply a range of technical and compression mouldings, including abrasive blocks, nozzles, anti-vibration mounts, pipe cleaning slugs, seals and dunnage.

We are also suppliers of choice on a number of high-value cable laying projects worldwide, for which we supply offshore pipe and cable tensioner pads in different track configurations and with varied weight capacities.

Each pipe and cable presents its own handling challenges regarding the required tension, speed and control and we are adept at meeting these unique challenges presented by each project.

Technical Moulding Types
Abrasive blocks Nozzles Anti-vibration mounts
Pipe cleaning slugs Seals and dunnage Pipe and cable laying tensioner pads